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Bob Lancaster Oil Co Inc was founded in Ottumwa, Iowa in 1956 and incorporated in 1957. The company operated out of a bulk plant in the Industrial section of East Ottumwa along with two other competing oil companies as neighbors. At that time, the company served mainly the agriculture community along with a large number of home heating oil customers.
In the 60’s, Bob Lancaster Oil Company included five service stations throughout South Eastern Iowa as well as a growing agricultural customer base.
Oil Delivery Services
In the early 80’s, some of the service stations were converted to convenience stores in the Ottumwa area. But they also continued to support the agriculture community.
The turn of the century brought changes to Bob Lancaster Oil Co In. The convenience stores were divested and the focus was returned to the agricultural business and the construction/industrial fuel supply business, which was growing by then.
Bob Lancaster Oil Company now services agricultural, industrial, and commercial customers throughout the area with quality fuels and branded lubricants.

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